The traditional home theater needs to arrange speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, projector screens, etc. the traditional speakers with 5.0 channels and above have more realistic three-dimensional surround effect and better scene effect. The perfect integration of high, middle and low frequency bands makes the atmosphere and space sense form a qualitative leap. The best sense of space positioning creates the most immediate experience, which will take you into three-dimensional stand Body space, experience the family theater suit with the strongest sense of presence, so that you can enjoy the lifelike realism and shock of the theater without leaving home. Its disadvantages are also very annoying: the equipment occupies a lot of space, the wiring is complex; it needs professionals to install and debug in order to play a good effect. When you have these problems, think about echo walls.
   The advantages of echo wall speaker: it occupies a small space and is very suitable for the living room with small space; it is easy to operate and connect, even electronic small white speaker is very easy to use. 5.1 the echo wall sound of the channel has better movie watching effect, and has Bluetooth, USB and other common functions, making it more convenient to listen to music. Due to the use of the proprietary ambisoundtm echo surround technology, 5 independent loudspeakers, comprehensive use of array sound, precise driving positioning and subjective auditory effect processing, through the integration of a single speaker to deduce the surround effect. To be clear, through digital audio, all kinds of sound effects that need to be sent out through physical speakers will be converted into analog multi-directional positioning. One more thing to understand is the fake surround. For ordinary users, the effect can still meet the requirements, but for professional users and enthusiasts, the sound is completely unable to achieve the effect of real surround box!