The 21st century is an era of intelligent explosion. Now, how many electronic products are approaching to intelligence. For example, before us, we used to wash dishes by hand, now we have intelligent dishwashers and speakers, from the old black glue gramophone, to the tape player, to the MP3 player, and now the intelligent speaker, which is enough to witness the development of science and technology and bring us more and more intelligent Life, similarly, intelligent life is inseparable from performance and the upgrading of electronic products, which makes our daily life and work efficiency very efficient. For example, mobile phones, computers and other electronic clothing, processing speed is faster and faster, and work efficiency is higher and higher, which is inseparable from performance, as is the case with smart speakers. How to choose a high-performance echo wall? Let's have a look together!
   I. look at the material of the box
   At present, most of the speakers on the market are made of plastic boxes and wooden boxes. The price of pure wooden boxes is a little high on the market, so it is not recommended to buy them. The rest of the wood is made of wood compression plate, which is not as good as plastic. After a long time, it is easy to lose color. The plastic speakers are now the mainstream boxes on the market. The thickness and quality of the box are directly related to the cost of the speaker and the performance of the speaker. The higher the density of the box material, the smaller the resonance produced when the box makes sound. However, the general speaker is made of plastic shell, which is not flattering.
   II. Judging the grade of the speaker according to the power of the speaker
   The general speaker power is mostly 15W (each channel), and its power amplification is controlled by the power amplifier chip inside the organism. The medium-sized speaker is larger than the low-sized speaker. The power is generally about 20W to 25W. Different grades of speakers have obvious differences in the speaker material. The high-grade speaker box is generally large in size, and the power is generally between 30W to 35W, which is the gear Most of the secondary speakers are suitable for audiophiles and singers who are sensitive to the sound quality. Pay attention to the nominal output power of the speakers when purchasing.
III. speaker channel
   In recent years, I'm sure you've heard about channel 2.1, channel 5.1 and channel 7.1, but you don't know what these numbers mean. Most of the speakers on the market are channel 2.1, that is, a high-frequency speaker on the left and right channels, plus a low-frequency loudspeaker. The 5.1 channel is a high-frequency loudspeaker on the upper left and lower left, and a high-frequency loudspeaker or two low-frequency loudspeakers on the upper right and the lower right and the central channel. 7.1 channel is divided into virtual 7.1 and real 7.1. Virtual 7.1 channel is realized by the sound controller in the CPU, which simulates the delay time of each speaker, while the real 7.1 channel is achieved by the delay sound of multiple speakers. Of course, the cost of 7.1 channel is high, so it is not recommended to buy.

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