With the rapid development of economy, most people have a higher enjoyment of pursuing life. All kinds of TV, laser TV and audio have become necessary items for families. More and more people choose to watch movies at home, which brings more demands to transform the living room into a small family viewing room.
   (1) Home theater Transformation: determine your space size
   If you want to transform a home theater, you should first consider the size of the space and the cost of the transformation. An optimal viewing distance, as suggested by thx, is the screen size × 0.84. In other words, the best screen size for your room is the best distance ÷ 0.84. Then, measure the distance between your viewing position and the TV or projection display, and you will know how much TV you need!
   (2) Home theater Renovation: consider room wiring
   Most of the world's Blu ray films use 7.1 channels, which means that we should give priority to the speaker wiring when building the home theater transformation. Don't underestimate the problem of wiring. If you want to transform the living room into a 7.1-channel sound system, it means that you need to place seven sound systems plus one subwoofer in this space, and bury these sound lines. The buried lines need to make small changes to the existing structure of the home, and need to invest a lot of money.
   If your budget is limited, or the room space is not enough, it is recommended to choose a wireless surround speaker instead of a real 7.1 or 5.1 channel sound system.
   In order to make up for the small family, we can't change the 7.1 channel sound system greatly, so the wireless surround speaker, also known as echo wall, should be born. Soundbar is currently called Echo Wall in China. In fact, it was first introduced by Yamaha when it was called projection wall. Because it is simple to put, convenient to route, and improve the quality of TV sound, it is favored by many consumers. However, most of the so-called wireless surround speakers are just gimmicks, using the principle of physical echo to achieve pseudo   
   surround sound. So how to choose echo wall sound?
  (3) Home theater Transformation: how to choose the wireless surround speaker?
   So how to distinguish the quality of echo wall?
   1. look at the horn.
   Two or 2.1's are low-end ones. They can't even be called Echo walls. They're just horizontal speakers. Is it helpful to the sound quality of TV?
   2. Whether Dolby digital decoding is supported
   Echo wall that does not support Dolby digital decoding is like an external speaker. Only devices that support decoding can give out surround effect.
   3. Whether there is HDMI (ARC) HD output input
   HDMI arc interface TV with built-in tuner and HDMI interface can "Upload" audio data to surround sound system without using other audio cables. Without this interface, the real surround sound effect is not supported.